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DVD Description
FEMAP Top Tips  - free on request
Welcome to ‘FEMAP top tips

This 55 minute DVD demonstrates various important tips across a range of
FEMAP functionality.

In the DVD we use the building and meshing of a simple nozzle structure as a
project background for the items we look at. There are many hints and tips shown
in the DVD, as we go through the project.

There are several ways of viewing the DVD – you can watch as a continuous play
from beginning to end, we call this the ‘film show’.

You can watch chapter by chapter, picking each one that you want to revisit.

You can dip into the DVD clips that highlight each tip. This is useful if you
just want a quick reminder about a particular tip.
The DVD controls will allow you to navigate around the material

We hope you enjoy the DVD and find it a productive way of adding to
your knowledge of FEMAP