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DVD Description
FEMAP has seen significant improvement with the Version 9 series
releases. The new V10 release adds even more features and
functionality, heavily focused on Meshing.

Many users have little time to explore the new functionality and have
relied on using a subset of the features in an ad-hoc manner.

This DVD presents the new functionality available in V10 and puts it into context with the
advanced functionality previously available.

Each aspect of the new V10 features are described by project like examples, showing
usage in real context. As with the previous Top ten Tips DVD, the projects can be viewed
as one flowing presentation, or specific clips of over thirty different functions can be
opened directly, in any order.

The DVD forms an essential reference and guide for the practising FEMAP engineer.

Content includes

New MeshingToolbox

  •  New UI
  •  New functionality
  •  Grouping of existing functionality
  •  Interactive Mesh Quality Display

Mesh Morphing

  •  Mesh Locate Tool
  •  Interactive dragging
  •  Multiple or Single Node
  •  Smoothing on or off
  •  Honoring curves and surfaces – on or off

Meshing Sizing

  •  Fully interactive including biasing
  •  Auto remesh
  •  Fixed element count or incremental

Geometry Feature Suppression/Removal

  •  Locate problem geometry
  •  Suppress (and Restore) or Delete
  •  Powerful Loop feature to identify features

Combining Boundary Surfaces

  •  New UI

Combining Composite Curves

  •  New UI

Geometry/Curve from Surface

  •  New hole cloning and stamping tool
  •  New Curve cloning and stamping tool
  •  Many new surface splitting options